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The goal is to keep them there, to engage them to the point of contact or sales and to entice them to return for more.

In terms of marketing and promotion, an effective website gives businesses unique opportunities to reach out to current and potential clients or customers. An effective website also gives you more control over your branding.If you don't have an effective business website, those seeking what you have to offer may not find you.An effective website gives you a place that you own online. You can promote your business the way you want it promoted. When people are searching for products or services that you offer, your business will be on their screen. It invites visitor interactions, opens new horizons through discussion forums and links your website to social media networks.All business owners should ask themselves two questions: Is my website getting the most visitor traffic it possibly can? The website should be attention-grabbing, welcoming, well-presented and up to date always.The goal is not only to attract potential clients or customers to your website.

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O Speed Dating surgiu no século XX, para ajudar os judeus solteiros a encontrarem uma esposa.

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