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At one point, a relaxed-looking Perelman playfully rubbed his hand along the bare lower back of his shapely date.Chapman responded to her new beau’s open display of affection by sensually massaging his shoulders as they walked.The Cohen family, although not nearly as wealthy as Perelman, has built a major business fortune in three generations -- in 2008, Hudson sold its ubiquitous newsstand business for around 0 million.But their business has been a rough-and-tumble one, especially in the early years.

The ink was barely dry on Perelman’s separation agreement from his fourth wife, sultry actress Ellen Barkin, a few weeks ago when he met Chapman, who has opened her own psychiatric practice in the city.

Even by modern standards of dysfunctional-family estate battles -- think of the Astor clan -- this one was a lulu. He suffers from a rare neurological disease that has paralyzed him, rendering him all but speechless.

He needs round-the-clock attention from a team of nurses who bathe, dress, and feed him, and make sure he doesn't choke.

Ronald Perelman may not be the most disputatious tycoon on the planet, but he sure spends a lot of time in the courtroom.

Something about the bullet-headed billionaire engenders conflict.

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