Sedating antihistimine constipation

I can feel it begin to taper off right at about the 12hr mark, but not to the point where I feel like I need to take more. My psychiatrist prescribed xanax 2mg xr when trauma hit that regular dose of .05 four times a day couldn't touch situationally. I've lost my health, job, relationships, fitness and self-esteem. My practitioner put me on the XR and increased from .5 to 1.5 when it seemed to even out the picking and anxiety. I am bad at taking medications and can miss it for a few days and I have no withdrawal symptoms at all.

still works but sometimes thing i should be taking higher dose because i still have much anxiety.

Lexapro ALWAYS gave me the feeling of "brain cloud", but perhaps that was needed to not dwell on the loss, fears, etc.

So, now I'm only taking Xanax XR .5 once a day (in the morning) and do find it helps very much with panic and anxiety feelings.

When I really needed it, this drug was a lifesaver. added Depakote to my regimen last year, I cut down from 2mg to 1mg per day and have reduced PRN Xanax IR .5mg to 1 or 2 a month. I may try cutting to .5mg XR, but weaning off is a slow process. Is the extended dangerous for some reason unspecified? It took 7 months for me to realize that I was addicted. It has made me have suicidal thoughts, hence my discontinuation.

Lowered anxiety significantly, however the XR made me feel foggy the first few days I took it even though before I had been taking .25mg of regular Xanax 4x day, the same dosage. Not only did it completely/slowly prevent hospitalization , but noted my agoraphobia was eased to point where health issues such as failing sight I was addressing where normally it would result in a number of cancelled appts. I had quality of life for a short time before my insurance took it off their formulary and my Dr. Why did my Medicare part D take this out of their formulary at the beginning of year? Ive been off now for 8 months, and completely disabled. I use to take .25 IR and when my stress level sky rocketed, I started picking, causing permanent scars.

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