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In 2008, our grand opening spurned two national surveys, one of those by Angus-Reid.

One year later, they repeated the poll to see the effect and change in opinion across the nation after Canada's first Creation museum (BVCSM) opened its doors.

Plan on making a visit to Big Valley, and plan on stopping in to see our museum!

Admission fees will be per adult, for children under 12 and seniors, and families get in for . (403)876-2100 *If you email us, be advised we may depict your email on our website for the benefit of other visitors.

In this display we deal with the geological column, the fossil sequence and profound evidence for a past, global flood such as the Quartzite boulders of the Cypress Hills in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The fantastic "Fossils and the Flood" display contains only genuine, museum quality fossils and a giant model of Noah's ark.

The results of that poll were surprising - click here to read about it.

These scrolls from the Lambeth Palace in England trace the genealogy of King Henry the 6th back to Adam and Eve.

There are many Meet Up Groups in Calgary, but this one is exclusively for us Baby Boomers.

Our thanks to Ann for being our Founder and for continuing to be a Calgary Baby Boomer.

Personal identifying information will be stripped and we will attempt to notify you, assuming you provide a correct email address.

For over 40 years, the Second Sixties Outdoor Club, based in Calgary, has provided year-round outdoor activities for seniors who share a love of the outdoors and enjoy opportunities to socialize with a group of like-minded individuals. Every Wednesday in the spring and summer months, members and guests hike in Kananaskis Country, as well as Banff, Kootenay and Yoho National Parks.

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