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The majority (55 per cent) who ended their relationship via text message explained that it made the process 'less awkward', while 61 per cent of those who dumped on social media said they did so as they had 'deleted or blocked' their last partner's phone number.

When asked if they would be annoyed if they were broken up with digitally, three quarters, 73 per cent, of those taking part said 'yes'.

“Hi Jo Ann, I wrote you a few weeks ago, and have attached the email below. Turns out it is worse, so far admission of seeing to prostitutes, swears hand job only but he also swore he never met up with anyone. And happy to have the site for support Thanks so much, My So Called Life Hi Joann It was a breath of fresh air to find your site, and read through so many stories I could relate to.

I was recently blindsided by my husbands sex addiction, am about 3 weeks post confrontation……….

I’d rather he be addicted to anything other than sex, I think I could get past anything else.

Anyway, any insight, opinions or direction you could give would be very much appreciated!

So when the following month’s phone bill came and he again pulled the detail, I put on my private investigators hat and began digging.

It took a couple days for him to realize I was very serious about my discoveries, and he has since been extremely remorseful, has gone to see a sex therapist and is going to his first 12 step meeting tomorrow night.When asked why, the majority, 60 per cent, claimed they felt it would be 'too impersonal'.moneysaving brand as part of research into the part that technology plays in the lives of American consumers, given that 'technology coupons' were amongst the top searched-for on site for the past 12 months consecutively.'Even though we're, of course, huge fans of the internet - I'd personally like to see a return of the good old hand-written letter when it comes to declarations of love (or lack of love, in this case!Fast forward to 2 years ago, I stopped drinking, began therapy, became more in touch with me and living my life in the present and commenced on a road of gratitude and appreciation for the blessings in my life.I tried extremely hard to right so many wrongs I’d been responsible for in my relationship with my husband.

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I still see my therapist, but need to talk to women who have been through this and find out how they cope. The hardest part for me is giving up on the fantasy life I thought we had, all the while knowing deep down we didn’t.

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