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I have met someone on here and have started a relationship with.I talked to my boyfriend for a month before meeting.

We met sper of the moment one night and went to dinner. we let are kids meet early on bc it made it easier and we saw a future.Location of our meetings is sent by email only due to our members wish for privacy! Whether its just a few of you or for the entire group, its entirely up to you!People of Color (POC)- West Georgia Tenn/info From their Website: People of Color in the West Tennesse area looking to meet other POC living with the Herpes Virus for romance, support or great friendships.We are actively working toward becoming a family and building a life together (including marriage although we don't have a date in mind yet). I know you offer a support link, but I wonder if its possible to reach out and offer support more directly to new members.We both knew very quickly that we had found exactly the person we were looking for. It would have been helpful to me as I processed the situation and worked through a lot of emotion surrounding it.

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