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In other words, sex (especially if too much) can short circuit one's enthusiasm to stride life's challenges!

This unfortunate fact of life seems to get even worse as one gets older especially if one forgets to take proper care of one's health.

With all the erotic opportunities, sensual photos, sex oriented e-mails, and other media of the sort flashing over the internet, there seems to be a universal obsession with trying to use up as much sexual energy as soon as possible and as often as possible.

It seems that everyone thinks we should all have an endless potpourri of sexual encounters and if not, plenty of pharmaceutical, natural remedies and pheromones to fix any lacks!

without any sort of reduction in the loss of vital sexual fluids nor any help from advanced nutrition.

How can anyone expect to make real and lasting spiritual progress under these conditions?

Stored sexual energy properly transmuted gives one a definite psychological boost such as a greater sense of purpose, better memory, concentration, and more interest in doing what is needed or required while giving one a feeling of reward in accomplishment.

This effect is part of nature's plan or intent at fooling all of us into giving away a lifetime of subtle, spiritual joy, progress and accomplishment for a few moments of concentrated pleasure.Isn't it far better to always be "coming" than going anyway?Even the majority of spiritual books I have read most recently don't seem to touch on the virtues, values and benefits of celibacy, completely ignoring it almost as if everyone is somehow miraculously capable of achieving great heights of spiritual awareness, perfect love, perfect relationships, bliss, inner joy and concentration, etc.For what reason was Adam and Eve cast out of the Garden of Eden in the first place?And humankind has ever since paid the terrible price of their "sin" by continuing with the sex act in the same old manner.

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