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with the guts to tell the truth these Zionist-censoring days, is Muslim President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

And although the Iranian President boldly told the UN Assembly last week that “9-11 Was An Inside Job,” the American delegation and all of its European puppets walked out on the truth-teller, calling his proven statements “hateful and offensive.” Why?

It will be better for me not to go to Fordham — don‘t you think so? For fear I should not get the letter, sign no name & address it to E. At the hospital, Poe was admitted and made as comfortable as the circumstances permitted. Moran describes his clothing as “a stained, faded, old bombazine coat, pantaloons of a similar character, a pair of worn-out shoes run down at the heels, and an old straw hat” (Moran, Defense of Poe, p. His clothing consisted of a sack-coat of thin and sleazy black alpaca, ripped more or less at several of its seams, and faded and soiled, and pants of a steel-mixed pattern of caseinate, half-worn and badly-fitting, if they could be said to fit at all. Rollins, supposedly the conductor of the train, as noting two men who appeared to be following Poe (Moran, Defense of Poe, pp. He was even willing to manipulate the evidence in a way that discredits him as a reliable source. This they told him, warning him seriously of the danger. Perhaps the strongest evidence for an alcohol-related death is J. Kennedy’s October 10, 1849 note in his diary: “On Tuesday last Edgar A. The consequence was fever, delirium, and madness, and in a few days a termination of his sad career in the hospital.

Over the next few days, Poe seems to have lapsed in and out of consciousness. He wore neither vest nor neck-cloth, while the bosom of his shirt was both crumpled and badly soiled. 60-61.) Most modern biographies take care to note that in spite of the change of clothing, Poe still had Dr. These manipulations were established, after Snodgrass’s death in 1880, by Edward Spencer in the New York Herald for March 27, 1881 (substantially reprinted in J. His reply was that if people would not tempt him, he would not fall” (Weiss, “The Last Days of Edgar A. Poe died in town here at the hospital from the effects of a debauch.

But in truth, with Jews dominating every sphere of America’s infrastructure: banking, politics, the press, Hollywood with its filth and sexual depravity, academia, the courts, (3 Jews on the Supreme Court), it is the Zionist quest to install a Judaic World Order that presents the greatest peril to our nation.

Ahmadinejab’s statements to make him appear as a “menace” to the Western world.

Political gangs were willing to go to great extremes to ensure the success of their candidates.This belief has displaced millions of Palestinians who lived there prior to the Zionist invasion.”“The oppressed people of Palestine have lived under the rule of an occupying regime for 60 years and been deprived of the right to self-determination while the occupiers are given recognition.On a daily basis, their houses are being destroyed over the heads of innocent women and children.Moran tried to question him as to the cause of his condition, but Poe’s “answers were incoherent and unsatisfactory” (Moran to Maria Clemm, November 15, 1849). On his feet were boots of coarse material, and giving no sign of having been blackened for a long time, if at all” (Snodgrass, “The Facts of Poe’s Death and Burial,” p. Neilson Poe tried to visit him, but was told that Edgar was too excitable for visitors. Moran gives his last words as “Lord help my poor soul” (Moran to Maria Clemm, November 15, 1849) or, even more improbably, “He who arched the heavens and upholds the universe, has His decrees legibly written upon the frontlet of every human being and upon demaons incarnate” (Moran, A Defense of Poe, p. Moran also claims that on the evening prior to his death, Poe repeatedly called out the name of “Reynolds.” Substantial efforts have been made to identify who Reynolds may have been, with unimpressive results. Moran and the Poe-Reynolds Myth,” Myths and Realities: The Mysterious Mr.

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