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The rider then waved as he set off again, showing that he was taking it all in good spirits.Another member of the stag party was seen fooling around with a whip while yet another held up a red card to punish misdemeanours.Buttler who appeared one of the most drunk was one of the last to disembark and had to be helped back on to dry land before slumping against a wall.

Buttler and his friends were singing and cheering as the 50ft long green coloured boat called Amsterdam pulled up to let them off at around 7.15pm.One of them threw a massive sex toy inside so I kept it.‘They said, that I had to give the sex toy back to them. They asked for 50 euros and in the end they paid me for it.‘They were obviously just fooling and having a laugh.It was clear that none of them were going to have sex.’The group then set off again through throngs of tourists, passing other sex workers in windows, without appearing to give them a second glance.They later landed up in an Australian bar in a more respectable area of town around half a mile from the red light area.Buttler is reportedly due to wed his fiancée Louise Webber, 27, next week.

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The girl had consensual sex with Olympics star Ieuan Lloyd after he brought her home from a nightclub – but he “abandoned” her and Otto Putland, also an international swimmer, entered his room and jumped into the bed, the court heard.

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