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In the world of cryptocurrency, there has always been a keen interest in physical objects.

Whether they are coins, paper wallets, keychains, or anything else in tangible form, crypto-related merchandise and collectibles always do quite well.

The Tuxy brought in more than 0,000 by the time the Kickstarter campaign closed Dec. “Grand Lo Café will offer a high-quality café experience, while also providing job training to disconnected – out of school or out of work—youth.

When disconnected youth are not highly engaged in effective training and education, they face obstacles such as criminal involvement, gang violence, and barriers to educational achievement.” Pimax revealed its plans for CES 2018, and the update indicates that Kickstarter backers shouldn’t expect to have a headset in their hands in January.

Coffee Crisis was the first game we released for the Sega Genesis.

If you find using your gaming keyboard uncomfortable during long gaming sessions you may be interested in a new split gaming keyboard called the Dygma Raise, created by Luis “Deilor” Sevilla based in Valencia, Spain.

The millionaire, referred to as Mr A, first met Mr Jameson in 1986 and hired him to do work worth over pounds 1m on a mews cottage in London, and his home in Buckinghamshire.

In the case of IOTA, a Kickstarter project was organized to mint physical coins.

We’re at a crossroads — smart home products have never been more affordable and accessible to the general public, but at the same time, the security of all these connected devices are susceptible to attacks Who knew that someone had reinvented the bungee cord, built a better ladder, and figured out how to locate wall studs using a smartphone?

TOH editors uncovered these innovations and more while compiling this year’s Top 100.

We're incredibly lucky, and thankful, that we have some great supporters that share our vision for awesome games with a retro aesthetic.

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The prosecution said that Mr Jameson threatened to make public allegations of dubious financial deals and bizarre sexual behaviour by the businessman.

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