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There have been stories of a teacher who hung herself because her kid fell down the stairs on a tricycle. The building is brick and use to have a huge chimney connected.They have heard screaming and yelling and squealing of the tricycle tires. There was a tornado in the Spring of 74 an it knocked down the chimney.The house is extremely creepy looking, the owners are trying to restore the mansion.It is now condemned by the city of Alton, so you cannot go inside the mansion.Built in 1900 and once attended by Robert Wadlow (The Alton Giant), and home to at least three spirits who are very active. Touching, voices, noises, to full bodied apparitions. on is a small boy on the third floor in the administration area.Psychics claim the spirit of a young student killed by a faculty member, a janitor, and the killer himself. another is said to be on the second floor near the endoscopes dept.There have been sightings of the woman and child together again. The story was told way back then about the child falling down the steps with the tricycle an the mom hanging herself.

She, according to witnesses and old photos of people that use to go there as guest of Mr.

There is a house that sits catty-corner from the 4-H Center, it is reported that in the 1800's a man was murdered in his home and buried 500 feet from the upstairs bathroom window.

If you go into the master bedroom upstairs, (known as the warm room) no matter if it is the middle of winter the room feels heated.

the third is on the first floor in the sterile processing dept.

this ghost is said to be one of the nuns from the order that is in residence at the hospital.

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There is also a story about the pool area at the basement level.

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