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To avoid long lines and harried holiday shoppers, sign up for a monthly account in November and December.

The money you would spend on gas going shopping could be a good trade-off for the for the two-month membership, and you’d also get early access to Amazon deals during that time.

No membership — You can still get free shipping with Amazon without forking over a membership fee.

The difference is that you have to spend a minimum amount on purchases, and the shipping takes longer.

Monthly membership — If you prefer not to shell out in one go, you can opt for the month-to-month option. You can use the monthly service for select times of the year and cancel your membership at any time. That’s more than if you paid the full amount upfront, so if you can afford the in one go, do it.

If two-day shipping doesn’t matter to you, you’re going to have to bundle your purchases.Without Amazon Prime, book lovers would have to make at least nine separate purchases (with two-day shipping).Depending on your reading habits or needs, this is actually very doable.You’ll need to get to to get free 5-to-8 day shipping. If you’re constantly looking for extra purchases to qualify for free shipping, go for monthly or annual membership depending on how often it happens.If you find yourself occasionally spending extra money to meet that limit, put that money toward a monthly Prime membership. If you shop more often at brick-and-mortar stores, ditch Amazon Prime altogether.

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