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I clicked the New button and created the M2_REPO classpath variable and pointed it to my local maven repository.

The new M2_REPO classpath variable can be seen here.

After the eclipse:eclipse goal ran successfully, I refreshed the "mytest" project.

After refreshing, all the project errors disappeared.

Furthermore refer to project_loc as the working directory and specify the maven goals of your choice as arguments, e.g. For further information please refer to the Eclipse help.

If you have created or checked out the project with Eclipse, you only have to refresh the project in your workspace.

Unless stated otherwise, the content applies to any future versions of Net Beans as well.

If your maven project has dependencies, the eclipse classpath will be synchronised with the current list of maven dependencies, as well as any transitive maven dependencies.

After making changes to your maven dependencies inside the pom file, rerun eclipse:eclipse and refresh your eclipse workspace for the new dependencies to take effect.

Features added in newer versions are clearly marked with version number such as Net Beans 6.5: or Net Beans 6.9 To learn about Maven in general or about particular aspects mentioned in this article, please visit the project site and read the available books and articles on the subject.

At the start, make sure you have the following software installed on your computer: Assuming you are using Net Beans 6.7 or newer, you are done at this point as Maven support ships with the default installation.

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This is because the project uses junit, but the project's .classpath file doesn't contain an entry for the junit dependency yet.

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