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You can use it to break news, to get a better understanding of the companies you cover, or simply for reference, to fill in the gaps as you report and write.Once you get to know it, you’ll find yourself coming back to periodically, for a variety of reasons.HOW TO COMPARE TEXTA variety of paid services makes it easier to find specific words and phrases across multiple filings.All have different features, and some have given news organizations discounted access in the past, for publicity’s sake.Year-to-date figures can make it easier to see the big picture, but be careful that you don’t inadvertently confuse them with quarterly numbers.GOING TO THE COURTHOUSECompanies are required to tell investors about significant legal proceedings and update those disclosures each quarter.

RISKY BUSINESSEvery business faces risks, and companies are supposed to tell investors about any that are apparent.

Among the companies offering expanded filing services are Morningstar Document Research, Alpha Sense and Disclosure Net.

SEC Infois a free service provided by Fran Finnegan & Co.

Be careful: Companies aren’t obliged to report developments chronologically, or make it easy to see changes.

Spotting changes sometimes means looking at sections of two filings next to one another and comparing them line by line.

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After the financial statements, the Management Discussion & Analysis section tends to be one of the most-read parts of 10-Q filings. Additionally, operating result comparisons were negatively impacted by the reversal of a $66 million legal accrual in the third quarter of 2012.”In other words, international customers are switching to cheaper services, the company paid $47 million to buy out departing officers and top employees, and, a year ago, the company’s results benefited because it didn’t have to pay as much in legal expenses as it had expected.

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