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If no is found in either of those two locations defaults are used.# Configuration file for pkgutil # $Id: 216 2010-03-03 Z bonivart $ # Master configuration file is placed in /opt/csw/etc.In this example, we use Solaris9 -n Sets the newly created environment’s name to this name.In this example, we use Solaris10 -m The -m option is the most critical part of the lucreate command.The download size for the two needed packages is 2.4 MB.A prompt is shown when multiple packages are needed as this might be a surprise sometimes, if the yes (-y) option is used no prompt is shown and the pkgrm/pkgadd operation is also without prompts. -i, --install Install package -u, --upgrade Upgrade package -r, --remove Remove package (experimental) -d, --download Download only -U, --catalog Update catalog -a, --available Show available packages --describe Describe available packages -c, --compare Compare installed packages to current -C Same as -c but only show different versions -e, --email=address Send e-mail with available updates -t, --temp=site Temporarily use this site as primary for download -x, --exclude=package Package to exclude -W, --workdir=path Path to use for downloads --config=file Use this configuration file -y, --yes Answer yes on all prompts -f, --force Force updates (sync with mirror) -n, --nomod No modifications are made to the system -N, --nodeps No dependencies -D, --debug Debug mode --trace Set trace mode (-v) for pkgadd/pkgrm -h, --help Show this help -v, --version Show version -V, --syscheck System check -L, --listfile List files in package -F, --findfile Find files in package --extract Extract package content (use with -d) -s, --stream Build a package stream (use with -d) -o, --output=file File name for package stream (use with -s) -T, --target=arch:rel Specify architecture and OS release for download --single Single package check (use with -c) -p, --param=opt:val Override configuration option Example: pkgutil -i CSWwget (install wget and its dependencies) Written and maintained by Peter Bonivart.Browse one of the mirror sites to look for it in the root directory. It's recommended to add /opt/csw/bin to root's PATH if you haven't done that already.You should also make sure that wget can download files through your proxy if you have one, you should set this personally in ~/.wgetrc or globally in /etc/wgetrc (or /etc/opt/csw/wgetrc if using wget from Open CSW).

First, check out Sun’s Info Doc 206844 and make sure you have all of the patches required installed.

# NOTE: this also affects options like -c/C, however it's easy to filter the # output if wanted, e.g. # Default: false #noncsw=true # Options to use for pkgadd # You can set it to -S to skip displaying the license during install.

# Solaris 10: If you wish to limit pkgutil to installing packages # only to the global zone, set it to -G. # WARNING: do not modify this unless you know what you're doing.

# Default: blank #pkgaddopts=-G -S # Style of package list when installing/upgrading packages # 0 is the one used since the first version of pkgutil, it's space efficient # but less readable.

1 is the one introduced in v1.7, it's one package per # line which is easier to read.

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