Updating your bathroom

Lighting is another essential element in your Japanese-style bathroom.

In order to create a space where your mind is free to relax, harsh lights and bold fixtures should be avoided.

One of the most unique routes to creating a space in your home that has purpose in its design is to incorporate culture.

Here we will consider incorporating a very tranquil and Zen culture to your home through the Japanese art of bathing.

Because it’s a space that is lingered in, a Japanese-style bathroom is built for enjoying, and not simply efficiency.

One of the most popular recent imports when creating a Japanese bathroom is the incorporation of a small soaking tub.

Image Source: Ikaria Living Much like a Japanese garden, a Japanese style bathroom must be built with nature in mind.

Bright colors are too distracting in this type of environment and take away from your mind and body’s opportunity to find true calm.

Keeping interior lines simple and accent pieces minimal is important in allowing for a calm and clear experience.

Color schemes in Japanese style bathrooms should also be kept on the neutral or natural side depending upon your preferences.

Bamboo is going to seamlessly incorporate a natural feel with the moisture resistance a bathroom requires to stand up under general use.

Similarly, it’s one of the world’s most renewable resources, which means your Japanese-style bathroom not only provides Zen, but works side by side with nature.

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When it comes to your new bathroom installation, we will work towards a swift and smooth completion, with complete peace of mind for you - the customer!

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