Validating dates in javascript for mysql

Example 7-6 shows four examples of handlers for buttons that use methods or functions defined for the browser has any complexity.

The first parameter is the URL to request in the new window, the second is a title, and the third is a set of properties the new window has.

Using Java Script for more complex tasks may reveal annoying differences between browser applications, browser versions, and different platforms.

These differences can be compounded by the fact that the web database application developer usually has little control over the standardization of the client Java Script environment.

We recommend that Java Script be kept simple: complex tasks should be left to the middle-tier scripts, and interfaces should still function correctly even if Java Script is faulty or disabled.This will give you an idea of what object is constructed after the data type string have been parsed. I recently found my self needing to validate a date/time input and decided to use regex to accomplish the task.* Some people hate using prototypes this way, but if you are going * to apply this to more than one Date object, having it as a prototype * makes sense.**/ Date.Mysql Format = function() ; var date; date = new Date(); date = UTCFull Year() '-' ('00' (UTCMonth() 1)).slice(-2) '-' ('00' UTCDate()).slice(-2) ' ' ('00' UTCHours()).slice(-2) ':' ('00' UTCMinutes()).slice(-2) ':' ('00' UTCSeconds()).slice(-2); console.log(date); 's time zone offset.

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