Vb net updating xml file

They are really just default values that your application can access at runtime if needed.

The app.config is used directly by VS 2008 and updated when you edit the values in the VS project properties settings pane.

The tip here is use the Synchronize button anytime you change the values in the Visual Studio Settings pane.

Summary While far from perfect and a bit overly complicated, Visual Studio and the .

Sql Data Adapter class is used for MS-SQL database. Provide connection string (find it by opening properties of connected database) to created object by Connection String property. These values will be saved in a file named app.config in your project folder and in a file named .config in output folders after builds such as \bin\Debug\ if building in debug mode.scoped values you have set back to the Settings object will be automatically saved.This is actually clever and ensures that each version of your application does not clash or overwrite values from a previous version.So what happens to the values in the previous app.config and .config files in the output folders?

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