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I think that it’s great that they’re getting a spotlight to introduce and tell the real creation story. Fans are so into it that they want to learn where this germinated from and learn about the root of where the Wolf Pack comes from.Chaske: All over Native country, we’re getting feedback and they’re saying, “It’s about time.” We’ve got mad support from our people on the reservations. And, it’s also a little pressure because we have to be role models now. I was not there for very long, but that experience was so great because I was on set with Josh [Brolin], and with John Malkovich and Michael Fassbender, who is an incredible actor. In case you missed our previous coverage, here’s video and complete transcripts of the Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and The Cullen (Peter Facinelli, Liz Reaser, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene) press conferences. There were moments where he threatened to just actually get the camera himself and film it. He always had a camera wrapped around his neck and he was documenting the whole process. It was a scene, towards the end of the film, in the midst of the big battle, and it was raining and cold.While you may have thought we were done posting coverage, I’ve still got a few one on one video interviews left to post but I’m saving those till closer to release. But until those interviews get online, I’ve got another press conference and this one is with Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz and Julia Jones. There were so many characters in it, so it was pretty chaotic on set, and it all had to happen really, really fast.Like we’ve done for the previous coverage, you can either watch the video of the press conference or read a transcript after the jump: Julia: You know, it happened really fast. You’re with a bunch of great people and in a gorgeous place, doing what you love.All of a sudden, I was thrown into this group of boys and, for me personally, I was a tomboy growing up, so it felt really familiar. Alex: I think the hardest scene is the scene she was talking about. What I like about it is that it has brought us to pop culture in a way that’s never been done before in film. I’ve been working for about 10 years, and Alex and Julia have also been around and working.He didn’t know what was going on with him, and he didn’t know why this happening, so he went through it all by himself. And, what happened was that he was dating Leah, but there was this thing called imprinting, which is when you imprint on someone that is your soul mate, and it happened to be Emily, Leah’s cousin. Luckily enough, I made some really great friends along the way, which helped to make me really comfortable with whatever came with it. You have to just accept that and enjoy it because you’re a part of something that means something to so many people.

That’s the part that Stephenie took, but in her books, we can transform back and forth. I believe there is a certain creation story and mythology that, in La Push, the first Caucasian man that had ever been on the reservation had the last name of Swan. Leah can hear Sam’s thoughts about her best friend, Emily, and she can hear his thoughts of pity toward her. I used to go around to reservations and teach health and wellness conferences, and art and dance, so I knew that I was going to be looked at as a role model, and that was scary to know.

In , Spencer and Meraz are part of the Wolf Pack and Jones plays Leah Clearwater. I think it was a scene that was originally scheduled to be completed in two days, and it wound up taking at least twice that time to finish.

During the press conference they all talked about what it’s like getting involved in the franchise, how they got cast, what making the film was really like and so much more. It was chaotic and physically demanding because you were freezing and wearing very little. That was the challenge, but after a certain point, you just enjoy yourself because really it doesn’t get better than that.

Is there any part of the creation of the Wolf Pack story that is featured in the movie that’s true?

Alex: It’s taken from an actual creation story, but it’s a bit turned around. Julia: It’s also interesting because one of the major aspects of the wolves is that we hear each other’s thoughts when we’re wolves.

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