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But as a dating coach, one thing I know for sure is that 99.9% of men who seem interested yet don’t ask you out For the most part, if men aren't happy with the status quo, they take action to change it. They pursue the women they want to date (or at least sleep with). If he were too shy, would he be brave enough to flirt? Or maybe he hit a bad patch and no one has said yes to him recently.

So does this help you more fully understand that if he’s not asking you on a date ... Would he reach out to you on Facebook or on a dating site? He’s manly enough for those things, which mean he’s brave enough to ask you out. As time goes by, he’s less likely to take a shot in case he might get rejected again.

I hope after reading this post you get that letting the man pursue you works best.

Most women start guessing why a man is holding back. Why else would a man flirt, text or message so much but never ask me out?

" This is certainly a logical conclusion, and I understand why you landed here. Maybe he was emotionally beat up by his last relationship and now feels “gun shy” about asking you out.

Hmmm, does that sound like the kind of confident man you want to spend time with?

I hope you just said, “No."Let’s say you still don’t believe me.

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