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Personally, over my past few MOSS projects, there have been several times when I've thought: If only there was an easy way!CMS 2002 users may remember the SDO export mechanism which allowed you to use a treeview to select exactly which content you wished to move, but unfortunately there's no similar tool for MOSS.Sie ma, próbował ktokolwiek zaprogramować to JPK w Delphi 2010 przy użyciu MS Crypto API?Ja ciągle mam błąd 412 i ni cholery tego przeskoczyć nie mogę, kod wygląda tak: `function Win Error(const Ret Val: BOOL; const Func Name: String): BOOL; var dw Result: Integer; begin Result:=Ret Val; if not Ret Val then begin dw Result:=Get Last Error(); raise ERSAEncryption Error.Some other notes: In the next post, I'll cover details on different usages of the tool and the effect of different options. importing a web or list to a different parent on the target) and I'll talk about this.I am running Windows 7 Professional on a Dell PC with 8GB RAM.

The only other option is to write code which uses the Content Migration API.

The worry is that if those websites start working again the errors will go away but the malware will then be able to continue with whatever mischief it is intended to do. From D ocument(String local Path, Manifest Type manifest Type, Uri source Uri) at System.

Most common computing error is EBKAC: Error Between Keyboard And Chairback Confuscius said: "no use running harder if you're on the wrong road" and "any problem once correctly understood is already half-solved". At present whatever the program is trying to do is stopped by the error because it cannot communicate with the specified website (in this case "impressionway.com" but I have seen a number of posts in other forums complaining of very similar errors but referencing different websites).

Parse Attribute Value Sl ow(Int32 cur Pos, Char quote Char, Node Data attr) at System.

OPERATION PROGRESS STATUS * [28/12/2014 PM] : Activation of ERROR DETAILS Following errors were detected during this operation.

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